Wedding Video Production in Malaysia

GREGS offers wedding video production & photography services in Malaysia and also abroad. We have traveled to more than 20 different countries to film weddings. Capturing one of the most important occasions in your life in full vivid motion requires focused anticipation, spontaneous creativity & very steady hands, as there are no ‘re-takes’ in a live event. Having successfully filmed and photographed over 500 beautiful weddings in the last 19 years, we understand this philosophy very well. Providing a live cinematic experience via live stream, for family and friends who cannot be part of your special day, we ensure that no one misses out on the fun and celebrations.

We create cinematic wedding videos, for all races in Malaysia and abroad, including, Chinese, Punjabi/Sikh, Tamil, Ceylonese and also Malay weddings. We have also filmed many Sindhi Wedding in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. On top of that, another type of wedding is Indian Muslim weddings in Malaysia or Pakistani weddings that are filled with lots of fun and celebrations. We are able to travel to any parts of the world to film your beautiful destination wedding.

Gregs wedding photo shoot

Aerial Videography

We take pride in being the pioneer in Malaysia in providing Aerial videography and photography for weddings. More customers trust this technology. Many may offer such services, but, only a few can produce good cinematic visuals from the top! You need a professional to take the flight up there and capture! We have invested time, money and equipments to get it right. Aerial videography and photography needs skill. You need to have lots of flying time and experience to produce stunning bird’s eye views videos. Once the camera is in the sky beyond the horizon, no one can control or adjust the lightings. Nobody can re-arrange the clouds or to tell the sun to shine its rays brighter.

Professional Delivery

We take every video seriously for weddings. We do it with lots of passion and emotions. Our goal is to make sure that each and every video we produce will affect the couple’s life, and also the life of the people around the couple. We pay attention to every details of the wedding and also to how we film a wedding. From lighting to the colors of the video and making sure it has a stunning look on the screen. Thus, our sets of equipments we use are state of the art, so that it can produce movie-liked videos for our couples. We constantly upgrade our equipments, so that we can catch up to modern times and trend. One of the latest purchases we have made are the Carl Zeiss prime lenses. These lenses produces sharp images and a film cinema liked feel video. Our videos speak for themselves.

For us, every wedding video is different. Every video has its own story of itself. Our wedding videos are custom made to the couples story and very personalized. We create of a video of the couple, and for the couple. We believe in creating a timeless and priceless wedding video for you!