GREGS Academy Bootcamp & Retreat – Day 2

Gregs Boot Camp

Day 2 of our bootcamp and retreat session :-)

11 October 2012

8:00 am – We crawled out of our beds , it was a sight to see most of us half asleep and walking around in a daze – an unsual sight ;p

8:30 am – Done with breakfast we begin our bootcamp session where we do a mock wedding trial – our bride & groom none other than Sam and his gorgeous wife Delki

10:00 am – We shoot the bride dressing up – each team was given 5-10 minutes to execute their idea

1:00 pm – We head of to lunch where we shoot the “post-wedding” sequence. Shoot aside the team enjoyed the apple + plum juice and couldnt help ourselves but to order second’s and third’s :P we also had cendol :D

3:00pm – St Xaviers Church – the final leg of our shoot

5:30pm – The team heads out for the BEST Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters) in Malacca

6:30pm – Back at the home stay – we’re all exhausted but still in the mood to have heaps of fun

7:30pm – BBQ arrives and we’re all set to BBQ the night away

10:30pm – Most of the team head off to Jonker Street for some nightlife while the rest choose to stay in and indulge in some quiet time – Deepa choose to finish her book :P