GREGS Academy Bootcamp & Retreat – Day 1

Gregs Boot Camp

A detailed narrative coupled with photographs to describe the out-of-the-world midweek bootcamp and retreat session:

October 10 2012:

10:00 am – We all gather at Gregory Cheong’s place in USJ and we’re introduced to the latest member of the GREGS growing Family – Bonaventure Camillius Sylvester (Bon for short)

10:20 am – We set out for our usual breakfast at Restoran Melur Jaya

11:00 am – We begin the incredible journey to Malaysia’s historic city – Malacca

1:30 pm – After many pitstops in between for toilet and coffee breaks we arrive at our destination all ready to brace the bootcamp session ahead of us ! :D

2:30 pm – “Before an army sets itself to win the war – they must be fed – so we headed out to Malacca city for the BEST chicken/pork/intestines/liver satay Malacca had to offer – needless to say between 9 of us – we finished 150 sticks of satay together with the other conidements – we at GREGS love our food :D

3:15 pm – Its MINI AMAZING RACE TIME! We split ourselves into 3 teams and we ran all around Malacca with our camera’s capturing images and footages based on the given clues – the first team to arrive at St. Paul’s square would be declared the winner …

5:30pm – WE FINISH THE AMAZING RACE! What a day it has been ! we’re all tired – but loved every moment of it – sore feet or not :)

6:30pm – Back at our home stay accomodation – taking turns to shower and destress a little

7:30pm – We find ourselves at the BEST seafood centre where we indulge in : Crabs / Cockles/Squid/Clams/Fish/Otak-Otak/Nasi Lemak and Sugar Cane Juice

10:30pm – We’re stuffed to the brim – take a short walk to the beach along a lonely dark strech …playing pranks on each other along the way – we realised no sooner that it was going to rain cat’s and dogs … so we decided to head back to our cars and drive along the strech instead – we stopped a couple of times along the way to take pics and later spent time at the jetty :)

11:45pm – We finally return to our home stay in Malacca and call it a night!